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v0.5.11 from TER
bug fix: commenting was possible although disabled for a post


what's new in unstable:
Ready for TYPO3 4.0.0. Trackback routines reorganized. Now Trackbacks will be sent only when the post is not hidden. Please test wether Trackbacks are working when writing post with tools like w.bloggar.


Coding Night Wannabe an Apple? Robert Sebastian Session Robert



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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo

    As mentioned before I switched to Mac OS X. In many situations it is so much easier and more productive than with Windows, things just work right out of the box! I might write something about the Mac and OS X in a later...

    As Thomas and I wrote before there is some new buzz in town.

    Back at the Developer Days in Dietikon Sebastian and I sat together and finally put together.

    Be sure that other bloggers from the community will join...

    I recently had some trouble with a bigger site I was working on. PHP error messages kept apearing very randomly as a result of incorrect MySQL result pointers.

    As I couldn't reproduce the errors on a test system I wrote a small...