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CoreMedia vs. TYPO3

TIMTAB latest builds

v0.5.11 from TER
bug fix: commenting was possible although disabled for a post


what's new in unstable:
Ready for TYPO3 4.0.0. Trackback routines reorganized. Now Trackbacks will be sent only when the post is not hidden. Please test wether Trackbacks are working when writing post with tools like w.bloggar.


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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo

    Cool TYPO3 beach flags.

    The view to the valley.

    Yeah, you know this man.

    Relaxing in the sun.

    Here's the update for today...

    On the way to the lift station with the guys from T3N mag.

    An amazing view, the Matterhorn on the left.

    On the slopes.

    Nerd lunch.

    Claudio and Mr. Stucki on the right.

    For the days of T3BOARD06 I'm going to post some pics during the days or at the evenings. Here's the first one, Kasper got a patchwork TYPO3 logo made from screenshots of the webpages which are registered as references at...

    Hooray for podcasting - vidcasting in this case. Kasper released his first video podcast today!


    To subscribe to the video podcast using iTunes go to Advanced, Subscribe to podcast and enter the following URL:...

    You might have noticed it already: development on TIMTAB has taken a pause for a while now. This is because I'm concentrating on working on my bachelors thesis. Development on TIMTAB will go on in march - sorry for that.


    I just found a new project in the bugtracker, it's called tx_t3skin_40. So the new skin will come as an extension. This is not amazingly new but also means that in case you don't like it you can just uninstall it and return to...

    Since I've seen several TIMTAB blogs now using the integrated calendar and category menu and that they weren't linking, here's a small hint. I think the reason that they are not linked is that I forgot to update the section for...

    Here we go again:

    I just released the flickrRSS extension for TYPO3/TIMTAB. The plugin allows you to display Flickr photos on your weblog. It supports user, public and group photostreams.

    The extension is based on the flickrRSS...

    TIMTAB got nominated for the extension of the year award. It's nominated for the newcomers category. The newcomers category is for extensions released in 2005 and december 2004. My other competitors are TIMTAW and DAM.

    The other...