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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo


    Back, alive and kickin'

    After being offline for three days starting last friday I'm back online! The reason I was online is that my hoster disabled my account because of too much load. You can find out who it is and who I don't recommend any longer by using tools like traceroute...

    So here's the story...

    Well, they asked me to check my account for unknown scripts or other suspicious stuff. Although I was pretty shure that I wasn't going to find anything I didi what they demanded. As expected there was ... nothing.

    Of course I can imagine where that load came from. I guess it was caused by another wave from the spamers but that's nothing I can't really do something against. The traffic is there whether I install some spam blocker or not, even the load would be there as the request would need to be processed even to decide whether it's spam or not.

    The bad thing is that my hoster just disabled my account without calling me up beforehand. On Friday I was at CeBit and was presenting a project which we did as a project of my study program. You can guess that with that I have other things to do than fixing my account - where nothing was to fix anyways. On Saturday
    I was still at CeBit but didn't have to stay at ou stand as I had my free day to look around at the fair for myself. Considering this I didn't have time to fix things for another day. In the evening I went back to Frankfurt where I didn't have internet yet as I just moved to a new place - another day without internet.

    So on monday morning I could finally send them an email explaining things. After waiting till afternoon and still being offline I gave them a ring to ask what was missing. I explained them that I find it very rude how they acted and they wanted to tell me that the server was at it's limits... well, how about not putting so many customers on one server?

    So the consequences of the phone call with them is that I'm going to swith the hoster after being a satisfied customer with them for six years. Sure, I could go and get an own server, but I just don't want to have that hasle with administering it and I don't need that much capacity and power.

    So if you know a hoster you can recommend or if you would like to host me and get some little AD of yours on my site leave a comment or send me a mail.

    As I said before I moved to a new place and didn't have internet yet. That's actually the other good news; I now have internet and feel like I'm alive again.

    Oh ehm yeah, there's one more thing; on Saturday I also had my birthday which is not exactly another reason to feel like alive but more like becoming older. So if you feel like, don't hasitate... ;-)


    #1 | Peter commented on Wednesday, 21-03-07 12:13

    Gravatar: Peter

    Ich kann nur wärmstens domain Factory empfehlen. Das ist zwar nicht der günstigste Hoster, aber dafür der mit dem besten Service (kostenloser, schneller Support per Mail oder Telefon, Kundenforum).


    #2 | Christian commented on Wednesday, 21-03-07 18:39

    Gravatar: Christian

    I would suggest

    I've never used there service but i only heared good things about them.

    Here is a pricelist.

    #3 | Micha commented on Wednesday, 21-03-07 22:57

    Gravatar: Micha

    Welcome Back :)

    all-inkl is indeed a very good hoster - but not for TYPO3 at all. I was running my Site and Blog there for are while but every 20th siteview or so the site crashed with an internal Server error ...
    Now I am hosting at domainFactory. Use that! ;)

    #4 | Tobi commented on Saturday, 24-03-07 00:11

    Gravatar: Tobi

    For TYPO3 Hosting I recommend Mittwald CM Services. Perfect service and qualified TYPO3 KnowHow, although you don't really need this :)

    You can also get a testaccount for one month there.

    #5 | Sebastian commented on Wednesday, 04-04-07 15:43

    Gravatar: Sebastian

    I would recommend

    very good - satisfied there since years...

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