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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo


    Joining the Core Team

    If you didn't get it yet, for example if you don't follow the Core mailing list or if you don't speak German and thus probably don't read the T3N news feed I just want to let you know that I joined the Core Team today.

    It makes me very proud that I got that invitation after being active in the community and having contributed a couple of improvements and fixes to the core of TYPO3 for nearly four years now.

    There's a job I set for myself which is going through the bugtracker starting with the oldest issues in there. I'm going to check whether they still apply or whether they can get closed, have duplicates, are already fixed or whatever...

    I might also do some work for 5.0 but that depends on how much time I can make free for that.

    Let's inspire people to share and gimme five!


    #1 | Stephan commented on Thursday, 08-02-07 14:26

    Gravatar: Stephan

    High five!
    Congratulations for joining the core team and the wonderful extension TIMTAB.
    Good luck for your work.

    #2 | Thomas commented on Thursday, 08-02-07 14:59

    Gravatar: Thomas

    Thumbs up! Welcome to the team! :-)


    #3 | alex commented on Thursday, 08-02-07 18:46

    Gravatar: alex

    Gratz! The Core Team got one who deserves it :)

    #4 | Fabian commented on Thursday, 08-02-07 20:17

    Gravatar: Fabian

    nice :) Good job!

    #5 | Mario Rimann commented on Thursday, 08-02-07 22:03

    Gravatar: Mario Rimann

    Congratulations! I'm looking forward to see many bugfixes from you - and of course to meet you again at T3DD07!


    #6 | Peter Foerger commented on Friday, 09-02-07 06:24

    Gravatar: Peter Foerger

    Hi Ingo,

    that's pretty *good* news!
    Stay tuned.


    #7 | Tim Duelken commented on Friday, 09-02-07 08:02

    Gravatar: Tim Duelken


    #8 | ingo schommer commented on Friday, 09-02-07 10:12

    Gravatar: ingo schommer

    awesome, congrats!
    funny how different we developed since my first tiny contributions to timtab :) btw, take a look at for a hot upcoming open-source competitor to typo3 (thats where i'm working at the moment).

    #9 | Eike commented on Friday, 09-02-07 19:22

    Gravatar: Eike

    The end is near ;-)
    Once again, congratulations!

    #10 | Ron Hall commented on Saturday, 10-02-07 20:45

    Gravatar: Ron Hall

    You will be a great addition to the team. I appreciate all your work with Timtab.

    #11 | Markus commented on Wednesday, 08-08-07 20:38

    Gravatar: Markus

    Hey some awesome news... Congratulations!

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