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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo


    enhancing tt_address

    For a project I was working on recently I had to add some features to tt_address. You might have seen Groups for tt_address in TER already.

    Groups for tt_address
    What it basicly does is adding groups which act like categories and also have that neat tree form element in TCEforms that you now from DAM and tt_news. Categories can also be nested which makes the tree view even more adorable.

    screenshot of groups for tt_address

    Other than that Groups for tt_address comes with a plugin that lets you choose and insert addresses on pages by selecting either single address records or groups or even a combination of both. The big advantage of using this plugin and especially inserting addresses by selecting groups is that if lets say someone leaves a company and was in a group called account manager, you only need to assign that group to a new person and the address and contact details will be exchanged whereever you used it on your site!

    With having a plugin there's also the need for templating. Until now you had to write templates for tt_address in TYPOscript and you were mostly limited to one template. The address selection plugin gives you some more flexibility, you still have to write some TS but now it's only required for configuraion of the several templates you can have. That's right, you can have several templates and you can select them individualy for each plugin. With that you could display addresses in your main column in a different way than in a secondary column. If you know Robert's extension from Modern Template Building II+III to select different templates for different pages you will find it in this extension, too to select the template for each plugin.

    screenshot of groups for tt_address

    First and last name for tt_address
    The second thing I did just yesterday evening is splitting the name field into first and last name. I didn't publish that extension in TER as it is only an extension of around 150 lines of code where to biggest part is an update/transition wizard. What the wizard does is to take the addresses check whether the name contains a comma and split it by that or if no comma was found splitting the name by the last space it finds to even handle double or first and middle names. After the update you get an update log where you can see what was updated. The log will also highlight address records where it is not sure whether the split was done correctly so that you can check these manually afterwards.

    screenshot of the update log

    As soon as you have updated all your tt_address records with correct first and last name you can set an option in the extension manager to disable the old name field in tt_address.

    screenshot of tt_address

    With having first and last name split it is now possible to sort by last name, otherwise you were required to type the last name first in the original tt_address name field. So if this extension turns out to be usefull for some people or if there're requests to put it in TER I will do so. For now you can just download first and last name for tt_adress.

    What I still need to do now is to make it possible to use custom fields like the first and last name introduced with that extension in the templates for the address selection plugin. I'm going to do this in a way that every valid and existing tt_address field can be used, so stay tuned for an update to the groups for tt_address extension.


    #1 | Stefano commented on Tuesday, 19-09-06 23:16

    Gravatar: Stefano

    great job Ingo!

    i think this things were really missing, adn hope that they will inspire other ext developers as well!


    #2 | Fladi commented on Wednesday, 20-09-06 07:47

    Gravatar: Fladi

    wow - relly good work. will check it out....

    #3 | Michael Stucki commented on Wednesday, 20-09-06 10:58

    Gravatar: Michael Stucki

    Great work Ingo! Would you like to recevie the key ownership of tt_address, so you can merge these changes and publish these changes all-in-one?

    - michael

    #4 | Ingo commented on Wednesday, 20-09-06 17:06

    Gravatar: Ingo

    Hi Michael, I actually wrote an email because of that to Kasper already. At least I'd like to integrate these features into tt_address. If there's time to do more I will do so, but unfotunately I can't promise...

    #5 | Michiel Roos commented on Thursday, 28-09-06 09:35

    Gravatar: Michiel Roos

    Hi, I know this might be a weird request .. . but is it hard to make an option that makes tt_address use the tt_news_cat table instead of the tt_address_group table? I think there is a group of people who would welcome the ability to share a tree of categories accross several extensions (news, address, faq) that use categories (I know of one client at least ;-).

    #6 | Ingo commented on Thursday, 28-09-06 19:00

    Gravatar: Ingo

    I think Elmar Hinz is working on a global category concept. That might work then...

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