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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo


    T3DD06: arrival and first afternoon

    I'm now at the T3DD06 and until now it's a blast meeting all those geeks again. We took the plain from Frankfurt and arrived in Zurich after only 35 minutes. The bad thing is that the weather here in Dietikon is not a bit better than in Frankfurt. Right now it's raining and it's not looking like getting any better soon.

    The meeting room on first floor.

    Here're some more photos from around the rooms during the first afternoon:

    Dimitry Dulepov spontaniously demonstrating SVN in Eclipse during Dev Tools Lecture.

    Tour de Core

    "Special K"

    Bug squashing

    Robert during the partner framework kickoff

    During Dev Tools Lecture I also talked about the kickstarter. The slides for the kickstarter talk are available for download.


    #1 | Michi commented on Friday, 11-08-06 22:23

    Gravatar: Michi

    *sigh* .. around 90 TYPO3-Nerds coding stuff an drinking beer - I wish I would be there :)

    next time I´m with you. Greetings to all attendees!

    #2 | Olivier commented on Tuesday, 22-08-06 14:59

    Gravatar: Olivier

    Regen macht schön :-)

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