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CoreMedia vs. TYPO3

TIMTAB latest builds

v0.5.11 from TER
bug fix: commenting was possible although disabled for a post


what's new in unstable:
Ready for TYPO3 4.0.0. Trackback routines reorganized. Now Trackbacks will be sent only when the post is not hidden. Please test wether Trackbacks are working when writing post with tools like w.bloggar.


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Buddies and others links linkage

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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo


    stick attack

    Marcel from is throwing sticks after people. As it's my first stick I don't hesitate to pick it up!

    Why do you blog?
    Because there's so much to tell people and I want to share some parts of my life. The other reason is that I need to have something to test TIMTAB in real life ;-)

    Since when do you blog?
    After looking it up, my first post is from March 29th, 2005.

    An always happy, house loving, snowboarding somebody.

    Why do your readers read your blog?
    I hope that they're interested in what I write and I guess that some hope to find answers on issues with TIMTAB 8-)

    Which was the last search query, over which someone came to your site?
    After looking into the log filesit seems that it was someone searching for "C8H10N4O2" on Google Images and getting directed to a post I wrote when working on my bachelor thesis.

    Which of your blog posts in your opinion got too little attention?
    Hmm, the post about our bachelor party got some attention, but actually nobody figured from the last photo that it was also my birthday =/

    Your favorite blog currently?
    Phill Ryu's Blog

    Which blog is the last you read?
    Phill Ryu's blog, too.

    To how many feeds are you subscribed to at the moment?
    62 feeds subscribed at Google Reader.

    To which four blogs do you continue to throw this stick and why?
    The stick goes moves to Thomas to write even more news, to Ingo who is moving to New Zealand, and Sebastian in Dresden. The last stick goes to the first commenter who uses TIMTAB for his blog =).


    #1 | Eike commented on Sunday, 30-07-06 21:11

    Gravatar: Eike

    oh, what a shame. I sill use this F**K instead of the holy TIMTAB Extension... ;-)

    #2 | Ingo commented on Sunday, 30-07-06 21:16

    Gravatar: Ingo

    Eike, I've added you to my blogroll now anyway, maybe it helps to get you using TIMTAB ;-)

    #3 | Thomas commented on Monday, 31-07-06 10:05

    Gravatar: Thomas

    The stick goes on... ;-)


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