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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo


    Web Monday - the aftermath

    Ok, here're my thoughts about yesterdays web monday:

    I went to the web monday at the "Brotfabrik" in Frankfurt to listen to some nice presentations and of course to present TIMTAB.

    The first presentaion by Sascha Carlin about tagging was pretty cool and it was new to me that and technorati can not handle request with more than three keywords or tags and that flickr would even deliver different results when querying flickr over the API they provide. It was also interesting to hear the challanges we're that tagging needs to take with the semantics and such.

    Martin Kliehm held the second presentation about some Apache configuration directives like content negotiation and other techniques like CSS-SSC - pretty cool, too.

    Now it was my turn to present TIMTAB. From my point it went pretty well but after all the feedback I got it seemed that at least the demo was somewhat too long - ok, lessons learned. Anyway some people like it and Jens from the Mainz TYPO3 user group (MzTUG) asked me to repeat this little introduction to TIMTAB at one of their meetings.

    Here're my slides and other resources: flickr, technorati, podcasts, liveblog


    #1 | Ray Hayes commented on Thursday, 13-04-06 16:53

    Gravatar: Ray Hayes

    This is a very nice way to introduce people to the blogging features of your Timtab software. My only disappointment is that the software is not truly ready yet. My belief is that blogging should be easy for anyone to do. This would mean the capability to post to my blog from anywhere, with any software tool or client I wish. Yet, the external client tools do not work properly as of yet. Whether it is the implementation of the XML interface with Typo or the extension itself.
    As well, a bug has been posted on the Typo 3 bug system for months about this issue, but has not been responded to.
    My hopes are that Typo3 can become an excellent blogging platform with the extra features I would like...but I must turn to other sources for now.
    Good luck in your endeavors.

    #2 | Hosea Baraza commented on Monday, 24-04-06 19:25

    Gravatar: Hosea Baraza

    Will you please send me tutorial/documentaion on how I can implement a blog using typo3 extensions. I have followed the documentaion that comes with the timtab extension but I still cant get it right. I'm not sure where am going wrong - my take is that the timtab documentation seems not to be comprehensive since it assumes that the reader is thorough with typo3.
    I have installed typo3 Version 4 and the core thing I need is the "BLOG" like the one you've implemented (
    I have tried to get your email so as to request for your help but I could not get and thats why I have used this "comment" section.
    Please help me as I desperately need typo3 run BLOG.
    My email is "". I will appreciate if you help me with an elaborate documentation on how to set a BLOG.

    Thanxs in Advance.

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