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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo


    Call me Bachelor of Science

    As said in the last post I had my colloquium on tuesday. We had a lot of very interesting speeches, among them topics like off-shore development, Voice-over-IP, Search Engine Optimization, Service Oriented Architecture and me with Content Management Systems.

    Me presenting my thesis on Content Management Systems

    All in all it was a great day and in the end I'm a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science now.


    #1 | Jens Schaller commented on Thursday, 02-03-06 11:26

    Gravatar: Jens Schaller

    "He blinded me with science" ;)
    Congrats Ingo!

    #2 | Michael Stucki commented on Thursday, 02-03-06 11:36

    Gravatar: Michael Stucki

    Great news Ingo! Congratulations.

    #3 | Gerald commented on Thursday, 02-03-06 12:39

    Gravatar: Gerald


    #4 | stefano commented on Thursday, 02-03-06 12:54

    Gravatar: stefano

    Kodos, Ingo!!

    #5 | Kay Herzam commented on Thursday, 02-03-06 13:31

    Gravatar: Kay Herzam

    Willkommen im Club ;-)

    #6 | Thomas Hempe commented on Thursday, 02-03-06 15:49

    Gravatar: Thomas Hempe

    Congratulations from me too! :-D


    #7 | Ingo commented on Thursday, 02-03-06 19:18

    Gravatar: Ingo

    thank you all! Now on March 20th I'm going on with the master studies ;-)

    #8 | ben van \'t ende commented on Friday, 03-03-06 00:41

    Gravatar: ben van \'t ende




    #9 | Tim Duelken commented on Friday, 03-03-06 09:10

    Gravatar: Tim Duelken


    #10 | Eike commented on Friday, 03-03-06 10:07

    Gravatar: Eike

    Ihnen gebührt unsere uneingeschränkte Anerkennung, Herr Renner!

    #11 | mathias uhl commented on Saturday, 04-03-06 12:15

    Gravatar: mathias uhl


    #12 | Mark Stephenson commented on Sunday, 05-03-06 14:43

    Gravatar: Mark Stephenson

    Awesome accomplishment! And it is very wise that you are continuing on toward your masters while you are in "student mode." I got my masters later in life and it was very painful to get back to it and to try to remember what I had been taught before. All your hard work will be worth it in the long run. Way to go!!

    #13 | Kai Laborenz commented on Sunday, 19-03-06 00:03

    Gravatar: Kai Laborenz

    Glückwunsch! Dann gibt es ja bald viele neue versionen von Timtab... ;-)

    #14 | Georrg commented on Wednesday, 22-03-06 12:46

    Gravatar: Georrg

    auch Gratulation von mir!

    #15 | Tilman commented on Saturday, 25-03-06 00:10

    Gravatar: Tilman

    Wow, gratuliere auch recht herzlich Ingo!
    Der Master geht nochmal 4 Semester oder? Vollgas...!

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