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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo


    flickrRSS Extension for TYPO3

    Here we go again:

    I just released the flickrRSS extension for TYPO3/TIMTAB. The plugin allows you to display Flickr photos on your weblog. It supports user, public and group photostreams.

    The extension is based on the flickrRSS plugin for Wordpress by Dave Kellam. I think he did a great work and it's also a nice extension for TYPO3 and another addition to the TIMTAB series of extensions.

    Have fun!


    #1 | TYPO3 unleashed commented on Friday, 06-01-06 10:00

    Gravatar: TYPO3 unleashed

    Ingo Renner has released an extension that can display your flickr Photos on your website. A very nice thing as I think. I will test it as soon as I have some photos on my flickr account. ;-)


    #2 | dirk commented on Tuesday, 21-02-06 03:04

    Gravatar: dirk

    Hi Ingo,

    tried out this extension which seems to work quite fine so far. I have only one problem: my id seems not to be respected. There are always random pictures shown except my own ones. Is it due to the fact that my flickr account is quite new and probably still pending?

    cu somewhen at ftug

    #3 | Andy Leaning commented on Monday, 07-08-06 21:28

    Gravatar: Andy Leaning

    Ingo, good extension - trying it on my site now.

    Dirk: I had the same problem as you. You first need to create a photostream for your flickr account.

    Go to the flickr site; sign in; go to the profile section and then click on the page to create a website. This will ask for a URL; change the part that contains the user name and create the site. Now use this in the page that Ingo details to reveal the user-id and it'll show you a user-id. Insert this into the extension.

    Worked fine after this.


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