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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo


    Update Post

    I just can't let this month go without making a single post to this blog. So this is just a post to give you an insight to what I've been up to for the last weeks.

    First of all I've been working on some commercial projects to earn some money for living.

    As release manager for the next version of TYPO3 I've also been working on getting the roadmap for TYPO3 4.2 finished and trying to motivate all the core devs to get their improvements into the core. If you look at the roadmap you'll notice that we should have had a relase of TYPO3 4.2alpha1 already, this needs to get postponed a little bit as there's not really too much worth a release yet.

    Concerning university I've been pretty busy with my one and only but last exam for my masters program. I also handed in the working title for my thesis, the title is "Collaborative Document Editing - Continuos Improvements Leveraging Group Efforts". You know the documentation on, you also know that in most cases they usually  are far from being perfect. We see that the wiki is being used actively. You might also remember the comments feature from the last version. I'm pretty sure we all liked it and thus my thesis will try to get this feature back to in some similar or even better way.

    Speaking about also brings us to this next topic. Some people including me are working on an overhaul of with the aim to bring far more community and collaboration feature to the site than we've ever seen before. One of th first things we'll dig into is the localization of extensions. Everybody shall be able to help with that. You'll first have to provide in your user profile which languages you speak. Afteryou've done so you can browse through the TER like before and are then able to add localizations to extensions. The already existing translation team will then look over it and gives its ok - or not. What happens then still needs to be discussed, one option is that the localization after its approval by the translation team is merged into the extension automatically. The alternative is that the extension author needs to trigger that merger.

    I can't quite remember how I stumbled accross extJS but I've also been playing around with it a little bit and implemented a very basic and rough prototype of a restructured could-be new backend for TYPO3. EXtJS in case you don't know it yet is an JS/GUI/AJAX library with easy to write and understand code, have a look at it if you like.

    Let me know what you think about all these things!

    P.S. 100th post!


    #1 | Christian commented on Thursday, 02-08-07 10:11

    Gravatar: Christian

    Great. I really like the idea of having a more AJAX based backend. Would be nice to see an implementation of this.

    #2 | Dave commented on Thursday, 02-08-07 12:15

    Gravatar: Dave

    I have only recently discovered extJS and after testing it for a while, I think that it is an awesome framework which also has a very clean OO design. Three thumbs up for any attempt to use it for a TYPO3 backend!

    #3 | Ingo commented on Thursday, 02-08-07 21:38

    Gravatar: Ingo

    thanks for your feedback guys!

    #4 | agawelczyk commented on Friday, 03-08-07 23:28

    Gravatar: agawelczyk

    the backend ist looking great with extJS. but i think there a also a couple users which want to use typo3 on a handhelt or mobile device...

    #5 | Dirk commented on Saturday, 11-08-07 10:15

    Gravatar: Dirk

    is a new release date for TYPO3 4.2alpha1 available? Thank you.

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