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CoreMedia vs. TYPO3

TIMTAB latest builds

v0.5.11 from TER
bug fix: commenting was possible although disabled for a post


what's new in unstable:
Ready for TYPO3 4.0.0. Trackback routines reorganized. Now Trackbacks will be sent only when the post is not hidden. Please test wether Trackbacks are working when writing post with tools like w.bloggar.


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Buddies and others links linkage

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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo

    I just released my newest addition to the TIMTAB family to the TER. So if you want to track statistics for your feeds try out Feedburner and the new TIMTAB Feedburner extension.

    Have fun!

    Just some days ago I created an account for our newest buzz blogger Søren Andersen on

    After doing that I checked how akismet is doing in blocking comment SPAM, I actually saw that it didn't do it's job as well as...

    As Thomas and I wrote before there is some new buzz in town.

    Back at the Developer Days in Dietikon Sebastian and I sat together and finally put together.

    Be sure that other bloggers from the community will join...

    Long time no post here... anyway spamers don't care whether you update your blog or whether you don't. So I received an enormous amount of comment spam lately which is like more than 350 spam entries in just 4 days. Actualy the...

    Ok, here're my thoughts about yesterdays web monday:

    I went to the web monday at the "Brotfabrik" in Frankfurt to listen to some nice presentations and of course to present TIMTAB.

    The first presentaion by Sascha Carlin about...

    Web Monday is an event where webdevelopers, webdesigners, blogger, podcaster, AJAX-guys, users, businessman and others interested in web2.0 get together to talk, meet and have a drink in an easy atmosphere. Web Mondays are...

    Yesterday I took some time to implement the Atom 1.0 feed specs for tt_news. If you want to give it a try you need to get the latest version of tt_news from CVS. The manual has also been updated so that it shouldn't be a problem...


    I was just checking my junk mail folder for false positives like I do from time to time and I noticed a notification email from ve_guestbook. I get these mails when someone makes a comment on a blog post.

    But what I had to see...

    Hooray for podcasting - vidcasting in this case. Kasper released his first video podcast today!


    To subscribe to the video podcast using iTunes go to Advanced, Subscribe to podcast and enter the following URL:...

    Since I've seen several TIMTAB blogs now using the integrated calendar and category menu and that they weren't linking, here's a small hint. I think the reason that they are not linked is that I forgot to update the section for...