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Ready for TYPO3 4.0.0. Trackback routines reorganized. Now Trackbacks will be sent only when the post is not hidden. Please test wether Trackbacks are working when writing post with tools like w.bloggar.


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    I just brought the site back to life so that people can stop reminding me that it's down. Please note that probably most if not all content is outdated. I'll try to update stuff as soon as possible.

    best Ingo

    Today I'm at the Barcamp in Frankfurt. So far everything is working out pretty well. We got free t-shirts and breakfast and are waiting for the sessions to begin now. I'm going to keep this post updated, so check back more...

    After being offline for three days starting last friday I'm back online! The reason I was online is that my hoster disabled my account because of too much load. You can find out who it is and who I don't recommend any longer by...


    Ok. another baton is going around. This time it's about showing off your desktops. I just shamelessly grabed mine from Gerrit. Above you can see my desk here in the U.S., that's basicly how all the desks here in the dorms look...

    Ok, there's something funny going on in the mac scene again. It's called MacHeist, is invitation only and you have to solve little assignments/puzzles to get some nice little free apps for the mac which would otherwise cost you a...

    As mentioned before I switched to Mac OS X. In many situations it is so much easier and more productive than with Windows, things just work right out of the box! I might write something about the Mac and OS X in a later...


    ... I see some new buzz comming towards us!

    More about this mystery secret in the next days ...

    Marcel from is throwing sticks after people. As it's my first stick I don't hesitate to pick it up!

    Why do you blog?Because there's so much to tell people and I want to share some parts of my life. The other...

    I just wanted to look something up in TSref and instead of taking the usual way of calling up my bookmark I took the way through the TER and then switching to the documentation page.

    In the next step I wanted to click the...

    Did you ever call the URL of a RSS feed directly? If not you should definitly try the feed for!

    To me it seems that Rupert, who is responsible for the news site, has some time left to play with things like XSLT....

    Dustin Diaz is calling for having a CSS Naked Day for promoting web standards and good semantic markup. And as I like that idea my website is naked for today, April 5th.

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